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C.G.P Projects

At Full & Fabulous, our goal is to empower young girls and Gen Z  to use their creativity and voice to make a positive impact in their communities. We believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity and acceptance, where every individual is celebrated for their unique qualities. Our new podcast and magazine are platforms for young women to share their stories, ideas and opinions on issues that matter to them. We're excited to see the positive change that our community can create.

Gen-Z and Me /Life as we see it-Podcast

Amoree Knight/15 a 9th grader at Denby High School is one of many host for The CGP Project. 

Alayah/12 and Lelia/12 from Adams Young Middle School



Building confidence one girl at a time.  

Dazaria/15  Amoree/15. Morgan/13

IMG_7021 3.HEIC

Swagg Mag Content 

Kayla/15 and Laniyiah/15 students at Southeastern High school come together on Saturday to work on up coming magazine. 


Gen-Z and Me/Life as we see it Podcast

C.G.P can't wait to interview you on their next show....


C.G.P  Working on the new Swagg Mag coming early March..

Lelia/12 & Alayas/12 students from Adams Young Middle School come together for Saturday classes to work on up coming Magazine. ❤️ Hey Girls 



CGP coming together with like minds and like hearts. Working on content for the Swagg Mag

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