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Community Partners

We can't achieve our goals without our Community Sponsors and Partners 


Calvin Colbert
CEO of 
Detroit Impact

The Full & Fabulous Curvy Girl Project is an important means of addressing heath, self-esteem and social development of girls to prepare them for success in school and community.. 

Samira Brown
Parent of 2022-2023

I'm so glad that Laniyah is able to be a part of your program & you all show her every week, that even though she is on the autism spectrum, that anything is possible.

Cheryl Germany-Turner
Guidance Counselor at
Blackwell Institute (DPSCD)

The Curvy Girl Project has been a part of the Blackwell Community for the last11 years. It has been very instrumental in inccreasing middle school girls self-esteem, and decreasing thier body mas index.