Reflections from our girls
“Why we do what we do”


“I joined The Curvy Girl Project because I was bullied in school and I wanted to have enough confidence to face my bullies and even though I’ve only been here a short amount of time, I have gained confidence in myself and I love that.” -

                                                 India Spato, age 15


“I feel good about the program. It is very educational and helpful in everyday life. It helps you learn how to manage your body weight. It also helps you to communicate with different people to know and learn their story.”

                                                - Allison Ballard, age 14







“Pain. What I feel when I get teased about my color and weight. The hate I feel towards myself because of the talk of how worthless and ugly I was. The friends that I thought were my friends talked about me behind my back. I felt ugly and useless. Soon after, I fell into depression Now I feel loved and cherished. The Full & Fabulous family I’ve got now showed love and kindness when they saw my PAIN. They loved me back to health. The friends I now  have helped as well.”

                                                    Mileah Jones, age 17


                                                               Look at  Me

                                                 By: Kristia Maxwell, age15

                                           (A before and after feeling poem)



Look me in my eyes. Can you see I’m upset? People say sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well, the words did hurt. Crying tears, wanting to be like the skinny girls with the light color skin, not liking who I am. I wish a magic lamp would appear so I could have one wish. That was me.


Look me in my eye. Can you see I don’t care anymore. Say whatever, think whatever, I really couldn’t  give a care how you feel. Or what you say. I know I’m looking good, dress nice, and all made up! That’s me! My personality! Big, Black, and Fabulous That’s me!



"The day I walked through the door of Full and Fabulous with exercise in mind, (and the impending desire to lose enough weight to fit into a size nine- ten dress...comfortably), I was invited to participate in the 1987 Beauty Pageant. Since then, I have learned that it was much more than just a pageant. It was a course on how to like yourself and be proud of it as well!!! To be a perfect size "10" is not a must but to be accepted is."

- Eula Fay Nored


"As a group and family therapist I encourage my clients to go for their dreams, do those things they have always wanted to do. Unfortunately, I have not followed my own advice, until now. I became a contestant in the Ms. Full & Fabulous Inner Beauty Pageant, because of my long time dream of becoming a model. After coming in contact with Full & Fabulous I decided to have my "one moment in time". Full & Fabulous has provided an avenue for me to make my dream come true."

- Najwa Ahmad


"I became a Contestant in the Ms. Full and Fabulous Inner Beauty Pageant because I thought it might be something interesting to do. I never knew when I signed my name on the dotted line that it was going to change my life Forever! Before I became involved with the pageant, life for me consisted of worries and self-doubt. The thoughts of spending the rest of my life alone were a constant torture. I never believed anyone really loved me."

- Ms Darlene Wheeler 


"I think Full & Fabulous is a great organization which has encouraged me to ignore people who at one time put me down because of my size. I no longer feel that way because of this organization. I can't even tell you all of the wonderful things that this group has done for me, that is why I now encourage other full figured young ladies to feel better about themselves and help them build their slef-esteem, just like this organization has done for me."

- JessicaS


"My name is Ashley Morgan and I have been in this program for about 3 to 4 years now and it has been a total success. When I started the program I had very low esteem and didn't care about my body image. I was always cussing out somebody in school and going home and crying about it. Ms Dumas has really been saying to me not to care what no body thinks of me and what they say I know who I am and I know who I'm not. I'm 16 years old now and I doing a lot more with my life I'm taking care of my self and doing well."

- AshleyM


"What a blessing this organization has been to both the young and old. I've been involved with full & Fabulous for over 20 yrs and Mrs Pugh has always keep her focus on self-esteem, good nutrition and being your beautiful best. We love you Sharon keep doing what your doing it's needed."

- DebraB


"My daughter Mary G. Ward has been a member of Full and Fabulous for Teens since April 2005. Since becoming a member, I have witnessed many positive changes in her. Her grades in school has improved as well as her eating habits and overall self-esteem. I greatly appreciate the effort that Mrs. Pugh extends to the young ladies. May God continue to bless you and your organization." 

- Sincerely, Minister Mary Putman-Ward PhD, RN

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