Full & Fabulous, Inc. is a global organization dedicated to the empowerment of curvy-plus sized young ladies and women.  No young lady or woman of any ethnicity will ever be excluded.  Full & Fabulous has a recognized membership base throughout the US and currently building a global presence.
   The Full & Fabulous Program specifically works to expand the world of quality empowerment, health education and self-esteem building programs to benefit disadvantaged female youth through dynamic interactions with teachers, health educators, motivation experts, and successful women from diverse socio-economic races.
   Full & Fabulous believes that, with the help and guidance of community partners and alliances each plus sized woman and young lady can discover how to unlock and achieve their hidden potential. Full & Fabulous seek to enhance nationwide youth empowerment initiatives for young ladies that focus on the uses of science and technology.
   As such, the Full & Fabulous Program collaborates alongside a national network of state and local programs to leverage resources and enhance the supportive tools that services that providers, educators and community agencies use to diminish the digital divide and to effectively serve plus sized women and young ladies in their communities nationwide.
   The current Full & Fabulous Program will also serve to expand the reach and efficacy of existing empowerment programs by allowing them to access to the platforms and resources provided through the Full & Fabulous Program.  The Full & Fabulous Program is designed to empower and enhance the myriad of programs that cater to the empowerment and technological advancement of women and young ladies across the country.

Urban Solutions Training and Development Corp. is a 501c3 organization producing the Health, Beauty & Self-Esteem Expo. The concepts and promotional ideas presented here are the sole property of Urban Solutions and Full & Fabulous subsidiary and cannot be copied, borrowed or reproduced without express written permission and requires final approval.

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