The Dream Begins...

Ms. Sharon DuMas, started Full & Fabulous in 1982 with only a vision of success and borrowed $200. Ms. DuMas sought to create a avenue for full-figured women and teens that would build their self-esteem and promote a better self-image, regardless of their size. Since its inception, thousands of women and teens have personally been exposed to Ms. DuMas’ concepts of promoting Beauty through Self-esteem.  Full & Fabulous is no longer just a dream it is a reality that has forever enhanced the lives of young ladies and women of all ethnicities all over the country. 

Since 1982 Ms. DuMas has appeared on numerous local, national and international television and radio talk shows as one of the pioneers in the field of weight management through behavior modification, and a healthy lifestyle change.  Through use of these techniques Ms. DuMas has exposed millions to her concept of being Full & Fabulous is a state of mind, not a dress size!

Urban Solutions Training and Development Corp. is a 501c3 organization producing the Health, Beauty & Self-Esteem Expo. The concepts and promotional ideas presented here are the sole property of Urban Solutions and Full & Fabulous subsidiary and cannot be copied, borrowed or reproduced without express written permission and requires final approval.

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