Empowering Curvy Plus-Sized Young ladies & Teens


  Adolescence can be a difficult time for young ladies not only physically but mentally and emotionally. There are changes occurring biologically and psychologically that may be very confusing and frightening time. The need for social acceptance and approval from peers is one of the leading causes of eating disorders, low self-esteem, social isolation, substance abuse and body dysmorphia.

  Being a plus size pre-teen or teen young lady growing up during this time can have adverse effects both mentally and emotionally. It can potentially cause severe damage to the self-esteem of these young ladies and can hinder them from reaching their full potential.

  Our program works to diminish the possibility of these young ladies suffering any damage to their physical, mental and emotional health, their self-esteem, or their sense of knowing that they are fabulous and beautiful whatever size they are. “Beauty is a State of Mind, Not a Dress Size” is out motto and every young lady no matter their size deserves to be supported and encouraged to feel good about themselves.


If you are a Plus size young lady between the ages of 10-21 join the Curvy Girl Project.  It's an experience that will forever change your life

Young ladies ages 10-21 can now register for the "Curvy Girl Debutante Ball". Debutants will go through 8 weeks of health, beauty, self-esteem & etiquette training. Pageantry at its very best will be displayed on stage as plus size young ladies elegantly strut their stuff on stage in their ball gowns, proudly escorted by the United States Marines.



Note: The Curvy Girl Debutante Ball is a fundraiser for the Full & Fabulous organization. A scholarship will awarded in memory of: Miss. Tinnay Michelle White


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